Choosing the insurance that’s right for you

Life insurance is an important financial safeguard for your family. Without some planning for the unexpected it can be incredibly difficult for many families to maintain their current standard of living. Generally speaking, a Life Insurance policy claim would be expected to clear the mortgage, any significant debts, and provide a nest egg for your family.

There are many policy options and there are many ways to purchase life insurance, which is why you need a qualified adviser to guide you through the options that can include: going direct either online or over the phone or buying through your super.

Purchasing life insurance involves decisions such as choosing which cover level is suited to your needs and which type of benefits you need to consider. The options and range of policies available can seem complex.

Many people believe buying online is cheaper, but this may not necessarily be the case. A tailored life policy coordinated by a financial adviser could be more economical and better value for money than an off the shelf policy. There is also the added benefit of the confidence that comes with knowing the policy has been planned in accordance with your individual circumstances. However, if you do opt for an online insurance solution, it is wise to compare insurance policies, do your research and take the time to understand what is ‘included’ as well as what is ‘excluded’ from each policy.

Of course, when you consult a qualified financial adviser, research, options and interpretation of what can be confusing terminology is all just part of the service. What’s more, and perhaps most importantly, should something happen your financial adviser will be there representing you and those you love during the claims process towards swift payment of your full entitlements.

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