Personal Insurance

Our team is well qualified to help identify and recommend personal insurances and asset protection for you and your loved ones. We strive to gain a clear understanding of the specific needs and risks of our clients as it applies to them and their work in the transport, civil engineering and mining industries.

Your insurances are an important consideration in regard to your estate. We can articulate a plan that determines how any lump sum payment may be paid and to whom. We work in collaboration with other professionals, including your accountant and lawyer, to integrate your risk management strategies with your overall financial strategy and the structures you need to create the legacy you wish to leave for those you love.

Our personal insurance solutions include:

When I was diagnosed with a degenerative medical condition I felt extremely vulnerable. However the program Phil had put into place for me responded wonderfully. The team were there to negotiate and manage my claim on my behalf and secure firstly my monthly Income Protection benefit, which was later followed by my Trauma Insurance and even my Total and Permanent Disability entitlements. This has given me the financial freedom to relocate closer to my parents, and to support my family now that I am unable to work.

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