Life Insurance

For many business owners and professionals working in the mining, transport and civil industries, life insurance is the central aspect of your personal risk management plan. Life insurance provides a lump sum payment to specified beneficiaries upon the death of the life insured.

Pre-mature death is a traumatic event and even more emotionally difficult if your family was left financially vulnerable or unable to meet basic financial obligations. Life insurance planning can properly articulate your beneficiaries to maintain their current standard of living in the event of your death.

We work with you to tailor your life insurance to your needs and personal circumstances as well as those of your nominated beneficiaries. We can establish life insurance programs that offer financial peace of mine and security through a range of features including:

  • Providing ongoing funds for beneficiaries over a specified period of time;
  • Allocating funds for children’s education;
  • Integration with other retirement and savings strategies in place;
  • Cover for mortgage payments; and
  • Provide cash for bills and other obligations such as funeral expenses immediately following the death of the policy holder.

Our team work with other professionals including financial planners, lawyers and accountants to seamlessly integrate insurance with other financial strategies (such as estate plans and debt protection strategies), to ensure your wishes are carried out and your beneficiaries are supported in a difficult and emotional time.