Total and Permanent Disability Insurance (TPD)

With a range of features available within TPD policies, Insurance Advisernet Townsville ascertains and recommends an appropriate level of cover for your particular circumstances.

Total and Permanent Disability Insurance or TPD provides a financial benefit if you were permanently unable to work due to sickness, injury or disablement. TPD benefits can assist with:

  • Regular financial obligations such as rent or mortgage payments;
  • Hospital and medical expenses associated with the injury or illness;
  • Costs for a carer to assist with illness or injury;
  • Rehabilitation and occupational therapy costs;
  • Costs for modifications required for home and vehicle;
  • Costs for specialist medical treatment or professionals fees;
  • Education costs for family members;
  • Debts and bills.

However, TPD policy details can be complicated and it’s important to understand your entitlements. Your adviser will provide TPD insurance options and explain the important policy inclusions and well as exclusions.